Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dead Zone 04 - Misogyny

 New Year release. My first translation of Hanamaki Kaeru (from Magnolia circle), who has published countless straight and crossdressing mangas.
 The plot of this manga revolves around a conflict between a pair of fujoshi (female otaku) and presumably straight Motoharu-kun (a scheme that has been getting increasingly popular lately). Fujoshi win the bet, but it did not go entirely as they had planned it.
 This installment continues with misogyny (dislike of women) theme from the previous volume, though it is less intense. Speaking of which, I wonder what volumes 1 and 2 are like, so if anyone knows where I can find them, please give me a hint.
 Finally, I want to thank Sonikku for his hard work on typesetting this manga. 

Friday, 11 December 2009

Scans requested

I need decent quality scans of both Joso no Oji-sama (女装の王子様) 1 and 2. I have two scripts ready, but no scans to release.