Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dead Zone 04 - Misogyny

 New Year release. My first translation of Hanamaki Kaeru (from Magnolia circle), who has published countless straight and crossdressing mangas.
 The plot of this manga revolves around a conflict between a pair of fujoshi (female otaku) and presumably straight Motoharu-kun (a scheme that has been getting increasingly popular lately). Fujoshi win the bet, but it did not go entirely as they had planned it.
 This installment continues with misogyny (dislike of women) theme from the previous volume, though it is less intense. Speaking of which, I wonder what volumes 1 and 2 are like, so if anyone knows where I can find them, please give me a hint.
 Finally, I want to thank Sonikku for his hard work on typesetting this manga. 

Friday, 11 December 2009

Scans requested

I need decent quality scans of both Joso no Oji-sama (女装の王子様) 1 and 2. I have two scripts ready, but no scans to release.

Friday, 20 November 2009


I believe everyone has already noticed my continued unpresence. Facing numerous challenges, temparary lack of access to internet being one of them, I continue to translate nevertheless.
Speaking of which I have an announcement to make. Attention! Limited time offer! With ONLY $5000 you can get an exlusive advertising spot in this blog for a period of ONE MONTH!!!
Special offer! For just $3000 I will personally make a permanent blog post covering your desired topic.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Breast play (Chichikuri)

Chapter 10 of Boku no kareshi. No plot this time, just two boys playing with each other.

Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

Size: 4 mb

Monday, 19 October 2009

Friday, 16 October 2009

Together with Oni-chan (Oni-chan to issho)

 I translated a chapter about brotherly love by udk from Ero Shota 10 - Nure X Otokonoko.
 Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

Size: 13 mb

CPLO Central Committee appeal to EU Workers!

 Dear foreign workers, our comrades!

 EU countries' governments are banning incandescent light bulbs. Perhaps you do not understand that this measure is aimed against Russian labourers - your class brothers.

 In Russia incandescent light bulbs are called Ilyich's bulbs, another name of Lenin, as Lenin gave bulbs to peasants and workers of Russia.

 Under pressure from EU ambitious Russian president is preparing a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Capitalists both in your countries and in Russia want us to forget Lenin's bulbs, they want us pay our last savings for expensive new-generation fluorescent bulbs made out of poisonous mercury and die from them, our children becoming mutants and zombies.

 We, Russian communists, address a plea to EU workers to foil our governments' vile plan! Luckily, no fluorescent bulbs are produced in Russia. Russian bourgeois president is waiting for shipments of poisonous mercury bulbs from Europe in order to smash and ban Lenin's bulbs once and for all, to hide them from the people. That's why we appeal to you, EU workers, calling for international solidarity.

 You must wreck those power-saving evil bulbs. Destroy assembly lines producing mercury fluorescent killer-bulbs. Cripple electronic equipment, machines and conveyors, soulless robots, producing those lamps.

 Do the same thing as heroic English pensioner Valerie Hemsley-Flint who has set up a warehouse of 1000 incandescent (Lenin's) bulbs at her own home. We, Russian communists, nominate English pensioner Valerie Hemsley-Flint as a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize for saving humanity from poisonous capitalist EU-Kremlin bulbs and preserving the memory of Lenin's bulbs.


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Holic+Holic 2

After a couple of short-lived periods of hectic activity Maria Holic doujinshi, Holic + Holic 2,
by udk is ready.

Thanks Sonikku for his work.

Size: 25 mb

On finding misprints

10th summary of most important withdrawals, seizures and confiscations by Glavlit [Main Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs] authorities, 1936

In an issue 78 of Socïaldı Jol newspaper instead of "to prolong Turko-Soviet Non-Agression and Peace Conservation Treaty for 10 more years" it is printed: "to prolong Turko-Soviet Continence and Agression Treaty for 10 more years".
This passage was corrected by censor.


In Pravda Polei newspaper (Yershinskiy region, Zapadnaya area) in a conversation between Howard and comrade Stalin it was printed "com. Hitler" instead of "Mr. Hitler".
Corrected by censor.

In Ordzhonikidzenskiy Rabochiy newspaper (Ordzhonikidzegradskiy region, Zapadnaya area) it was printed: "Long live your great Stalin". Corrected: "our great Stalin".

In Kolhoznik Zaporoj'ya newspaper the word 'Politburo' was subversively distorted into 'Policeburo' by the secretary of editorial board.
Corrected by censor. Editorial board secretary ousted from office; his case submitted to NKVD [People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs].


In Za Kolhoz newspaper (Osminskiy region, Leningradskaya area) on 28.08.36 after "Great Nation's Verdict" editorial, which ends with "an unbridled gang, led by fascist underling and a Judas called Trotsky, killed Kirov, and it was preparing a blow against the leader of our party and government, they wanted to assassinate com. Stalin, a leader who is dear to labourers all over the world" an article titled "To a Dog - a Dog's Death" was placed.
Retypeset on censor's demand.


Issue 33 of Ogonyok magazine covering Spain was arrested. The magazine demonstrates a raid of state aeroplanes bearing Soviet brand and Red Army star.

In Kommuna newspaper (Dedovicheskiy region, Leningradskaya area) on 31.10.36 regional censor removed a cliche showing 9th January workers gunned down while the caption over the cliche said "Towards 8th All-Union Congress of Soviets". Another cliche used.

In issue 50 of Leningradskiy Udarnik factory newspaper (Leningrad) an article "To Help Children and Women of Heroic Spain" contained the following line: "hands off invaders".
Case investigated by Lenobllit [Leningrad Area Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs].

In issue 33 of Polyarnaya Pravda newspaper (Murmansk, Leningradskaya area) on 09.11.36 com. Stalin was attributed with following words: "I'm 60, but I still want to live and live".
Sentence deleted by censor.


In issue 95 of Put' Lenina newspaper (Poltavskiy region, Primorskaya area, Dal'ne-Vostochniy territory) instead of "first Marshal of Soviet Union com. Voroshilov" it was printed: "first enemy of Soviet Union com. Voroshilov". Newspaper confiscated.
Case submitted to RC VKP(b) [All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)] and to RO NKVD.

In issues 6&7 of Kazakh language newspaper Raionnaya Pechat' (Kazakh SSR [Soviet Socialist Republic]), which is a body of VKP(b) Kraikom [Territory Commitee] department of press, instead of "Bolshevist press is party's sharp weapon" it was printed: "Bolshevist press is party's lying weapon". Censor demanded correction. Summary does not disclose what measures were taken against the guilty. Kazglavlit [Kazakhstan Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs] instructed.


In issue 148 of Stalinskim Shlyahom newspaper (Ostropol'skiyu region, Vinnitskaya area, UkSSR [Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic] com. Stalin's report during Extraordinary 8th Congress of Soviets started with the following sentence: "USSR constitution is a hollow promise, a delusion, a Potyomkin's settlement". This counter-revolutionary insult of class enemy was eliminated. Investigation under way.

In issue 6 of Lenin'ska Dniproges (Dnepropetrovsk, UkSSR) magazine there is an engineering drawing pasted between pages 44-45 where a fascist swastika is used as a conventional sign for anemometer for 5 times. Page was torn out and reprinted in corrected form. Censor was disciplined.

In issue 34 of Vereteno newspaper (Yur'yevskay flax fibre plant publication, Ivanovskaya area) on 05.11.36 in an article called "In XIX years" it was printed: "BOURGEOIS (instead of BOOMING) growth of industry during past 19 years..." Newspaper reprinted.

In issue 86 of Za Udarniy Reis newspaper (Moscow) it was printed: "...struggle we lead under Lenin-Stalin's leadership: (instead of "under Lenin-Stalin's party leadership"). Newspaper reprinted.

In Oktyabr'skaya Zvyozdochka radio broadcast on 14.12.36 there was such a phrase: "my greatest wish was to visit the [Lenin's] Mausoleum and to see you, com. Stalin". Re-editing proposed.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dirty games (Yogore gokko)

Chapter 9 of Boku no Kareshi. Quite a unique one at that. Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

My translation plans

Here is a list of what I am going to translate in the future (or what I might translate):
 This is quite a long list and it'll take me lots of time to translate everything that's on it. I do not guarantee that I do everything in this exact order, I also may add new items on the go (there will be quite a few).
 It'd be nice if someone was wishing to co-operate on this, because it means less work for me.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Minori-kun's Backhole (Minori-kun no Shiriana)

 I am presenting a remake of my first release, typeset and uncensored by Sonikku.
This manga, drawn by Hakaba, is quite unusual for a mainstream H-magazine it was published in, since it contains cross-dressing, enema and strap-on anal sex (it is the second manga which contains anal while holding an enema I know of.)

 Just in case I am attaching my comment from the credits page here:

 Hakaba; whose pen name means "graveyard" (he chose it on a whim and regretted it later) was one of three artists who got me into translating manga. His works are close to what I consider to be ideal cross-dressing manga.
 One of the things I noticed in Hakaba's mangas is that he tries to create an air of continuity by making his characters refer to events that happened outside of the story. For example, in this chapter the shopkeeper one-san asked Minori-kun why his hair was still the same colour thus hinting us at him buying a bottle-shaped object before (actually I did not notice this until Sonikku had pointed it out for me.) Now we can understand how she found out about his hobby. What remains a mystery, though, is the censored name the shopkeeper used for those "anal amateur" bottles. I'd be glad to get any information on this.
 I know only two of Hakaba's works that include cross-dressing; the other one is available for download on my blog. I hope we can find some more in one of his doujinshis or among his new publications in Mujin magazine. If someone knows where I can get those, please contact me.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Did Saakashvili get a shoe salute?

A Georgian newspaper claims that Mikhail Saakashvili took a shoe to the head during his recent visit to the Abkhazian border. The Georgian Government denies such an incident ever happened.

According to Alia newspaper, the alleged encounter between the president’s forehead and the footwear took place on Sunday, when Saakashvili was visiting the coastal village of Ganmukhuri near the border with Abkhazia. When he was giving an interview and crouching on the floor at a local disco club, a man took off his shoe and hurled it at the Georgian leader, and then ran away with presidential bodyguards and policemen in his wake.

The unknown assailant was more successful than Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, who made throwing shoes a world-wide fad by launching his own at US President George W. Bush in political protest.

According to news website the situation in the village was tense even before the incident. “There was so much swearing that if they arrested everyone calling Saakashvili names the village would be deserted,” it says.

As for the fate of the Georgian shoe-thrower, he was allegedly captured by police, given several punches and taken away in a car. Locals commented that they have never seen the man before and believed that he was drunk.

Unlike the Baghdad shoe incident, the one in Ganmukhuri was never aired by TV channels for whatever reason. Instead, Georgians could see the president describing a bright future of the village as a seaside resort with locals cheering him.

The Alia report was denied by the Georgian government, but it didn’t stop the country’s opposition from making fun of the president. Comments ranged from offers to buy “that boot” to allegations that the incident was staged by Saakashvili himself in an act of mimicking the former American president.

Mikhail Saakashvili has a record of several on-screen gaffes, including a tie-chewing episode on the BBC and running from “Russian bombers” during the August 2008 armed conflict.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Captive (Torawareno...)

Chapter 4 of Boku no Kareshi has been finished now, thanks to Sonikku. It tells us of a boy who finally meets a "girl" he has only seen through the window before.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Comet Lulin granted communists with supermighty power


At night our planet was approached by Comet Lulin. It was not an accident. Exactly at the height of capitalist system's world financial crisis progressive forces of the Universe might be signalling humanity: "Down with exploiters, time to overthrow appointees of Behind-the-Scenes Masters everywhere, it's necessary to hoist Red Labour Banner over the globe".

According to CP analysts, Lulin's two tails symbolise two progressive ideologies, Marxism and Leninism merged into one in October 1917.

Of course, bourgeois astronomers will make an attempt to trivially interpret comet's grand approach as a momentary sensation. But Left forces will not allow them to vulgarise the arrival of great Lulin, predicted by Stalin, Ho Chi Minh and by the leader of mysterious Nepalese communists Man Mohan Adhikari.

Invisible, yet deadly the rays of Lulin, breaking through NATO bases barrage fields and vile American spy satellites, will strike oppressors of Iraq, murderers of Miloshevich, Estonian Neo-fascists and enemies of Bolivian people.
Severe radiation of steep hipped messenger of red space will reduce to ashes millions of bucks Deripaska and Prokhorov hid in armoured strongboxes and bring Pentagon officials' psyche on the brink of madness. And on the contrary, omnipotent, flaming Lulin will surround Ilyich's Mausoleum, targeted by ursine White Guardists, with eternal protection.
Peterburg communists authoritatively announce that last night Lulin, acting as a grandiose bundle of will from proletarians across the Universe, passed on to us as well as to all other Earth communists over the distance a hitherto unseen impulse of resolve in struggle, of faith in socialism's victory, of ruthlessness to oppressors, imperialists, monarchs and to lacklustre basmachi.
Armed with Lulin's great power we vow to put Lenin's ideas into worldly life.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Son becoming a wife (Musukozuma)

A product our (RLS's and my) hard toil finally available. 4 page father-son incest manga from Shounen Shikou Josou Fantasy by Poju.

Devious provocation of Estonian Secret Service

A member of CP Supervisory Commission, St.-Petersburg 1st Class Counsellor of State Alexander Saharov, voicing the party position, commented on the allegedly natural transition of a Russian island to Estonia caused by a flood:
It would be naive to assume that an island this big (4 hectares) with its valuable species of wood separated all by itself from Russian territory (Narvskoe Reservoir area), crossed state border and moved to a country allied with aggressive NATO bloc. Unlike some media, we are not so naive as to justify a full-scale seizure of Russian territory by natural disasters.

We are persuaded that the island's drift to Estonia is a result of a devious, insolent provocation of Estonian and Western secret services. This is elementary. By night a group of divers stealthily crawled under the island and installed equipment for its artificial migration or destroyed natural link between layer of soil and the bottom of the reservoir. They cut the binding cords with special diamond scissors.

NATO forces have long dreamt of having such a comfortable, such a strategically priceless bridgehead near Russian territory. We can only guess how many thousand dollars did Estonian spy agency spend on this move.

If Russia does not take adequate measures, soon just like that, cogs and bricks, spy-divers will drive more and more Russian islands abroad. Our authorities' nonchalance is striking! A character from Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession comes to mind: "Kemska region, take it, take it..." What an outrage!

In our opinion, it is necessary to strictly warn Estonia that such actions are intolerable and to enquire about all the details from NATO divers using glorious Russia underwater fleet. Russia must demand from Estonia that she admits a special committee to the stolen island, so that our specialists establish what mechanisms were used for this diversion and examine the island's territory for secret NATO military objects. We call for decisive and severe action.

Not an inch of Russian soil to NATO bloc.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

His Boyfriend (Boku no Kareshi)

2nd chapter of Boku no Kareshi is finally ready with lightning-fast typesetting done by newly joined Sonikku.

This chapter continues the story of two brothers from the first chapter.

Тайное путешествие 0

Mieze продолжает благодетельствовать нам. Готова нулевая часть "Тайного путешествия", взятая из COMIC Megastore №9 за 2006 год. Автор: Сабба Го, а картинки рисует Подзю.

История основана на классическом китайском романе "Путешествие на Запад" ("Си ю цзи"), рассказывающем о, как об этом нетрудно догадаться, путешествии буддийского монаха Сюань Цзана в сопровождении короля обезьян в Индию.

Размер: 7 Мб

What kind of items did Obama give to Kasparov and Nemtsov?

Secretaries of Leningrad Region Tosnenskiy and Kirovskiy districts' CPLO organisations demand Russian law-enforcement bodies to find out what kind of items did Obama with his suite pass to Western agents of influence Kasparov and Nemtsov during their meeting in a luxurious hotel:

Andrei Gindos, Production head, Tosnenskiy RC CP secretary:

What was in the bag, given to Kasparov by the Americans? Leaflets? Funds for creating black squads?! Radio transmitter codes? Information transfer container made to look like a stone? Maybe some refined food or licentious video tapes? Where were the chekists looking? It's no wonder that this sad excuse for a chess player is grinning from ear to ear now and dreaming of collapse of Russia.

Lyubov Kalashnitsina, a clerk, Lenregion Kirovskiy district RC CPLO secretary:

Nemtsov is horrible. Could he be a zombie, programmed by Obama to spread swine flu? In fact, it was a huge risk letting so many Americans into Russia when the epidemic is in full swing... Looking at the big picture, Obama could possibly give Nemtsov something like a plan on capturing Nizhniy Novgorod, which is known in great detail by this German, and an unconventional fire-enabled pen equipped with a laser sight. I doubt he gave him any money though, money takes up too much volume, but it's quite possible it was something like a diamond, so that Nemtsov can sell it afterwards. It appears, orange decadents' activisation will ensue.

There is no doubt, counter-intelligence agents had to search Kasparov and Nemtsov after their meeting with Obama, but they did not. Russia is in the Shadows.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The miko I told you about (Rei no Miko)

Thanks to 2RLS and xxxholic, I am presenting a new Boku no Kareshi chapter "The miko I told you about", which tells us about two boys neither of whom is brave enough when it comes to tests of courage.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Space Cumboy

Space Cumboy by Saigado is finally ready. I have not played the game, so there may be mistakes related to that. The story is about Cuilan, an android rescued from the soldiers raping him only to be made into a guinea pig for scientific experiments.

I thank Exquisite Dead Guy for listening to my continued complaints and redoing the pages to reflect my everchanging translations.

Monday, 6 April 2009


 I am releasing a short chapter from a manga called Imouto de ii no? by Tanaka Ekisu. I did the translation and KILLERJR from Hentai Femdom Forums did the typesetting.

 This chapter continues Tomoya's story from Osana Mama released by Dirty Translated Mangas. In the previous two chapters Tomoya agreed to wear his elder sister's clothes in exchange for having sex with her, but not only did she refuse to have sex with him, he also was seen wearing women clothes by a girl from his school who blackmailed and tortured him. In this chapter his sister decides to take revenge on him for cheating.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Day will come (Itsuka no ashita)

 With help from 2RLS, who also typesetted the Mesu Shota manga by Po-ju, I am able to present the 5th chapter of Boku no Kareshi by Masaki Makita.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Mesu Shota

A short doujin by Po-ju about a crossdressing boy who accepts an invitation from a train molester. It's a second part of a series. I think this type of sketch-like doujinshi is called copy-hon, but I'm not sure.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tomotaka's name is Yuki by Hakaba

 A manga chapter by Hakaba I translated earlier. It's quite an old translation and there are some mistakes, but I'm not able to change anything as I don't have any knowledge of image editors. 
 Current scan is taken from Comic Papipo 2005 #8.  Collected volume version also exists.

 This manga tells us a story of a beautiful crossdressing boy who has sex with his domineering classmate.