Sunday, 20 September 2009

Dirty games (Yogore gokko)

Chapter 9 of Boku no Kareshi. Quite a unique one at that. Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

My translation plans

Here is a list of what I am going to translate in the future (or what I might translate):
 This is quite a long list and it'll take me lots of time to translate everything that's on it. I do not guarantee that I do everything in this exact order, I also may add new items on the go (there will be quite a few).
 It'd be nice if someone was wishing to co-operate on this, because it means less work for me.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Minori-kun's Backhole (Minori-kun no Shiriana)

 I am presenting a remake of my first release, typeset and uncensored by Sonikku.
This manga, drawn by Hakaba, is quite unusual for a mainstream H-magazine it was published in, since it contains cross-dressing, enema and strap-on anal sex (it is the second manga which contains anal while holding an enema I know of.)

 Just in case I am attaching my comment from the credits page here:

 Hakaba; whose pen name means "graveyard" (he chose it on a whim and regretted it later) was one of three artists who got me into translating manga. His works are close to what I consider to be ideal cross-dressing manga.
 One of the things I noticed in Hakaba's mangas is that he tries to create an air of continuity by making his characters refer to events that happened outside of the story. For example, in this chapter the shopkeeper one-san asked Minori-kun why his hair was still the same colour thus hinting us at him buying a bottle-shaped object before (actually I did not notice this until Sonikku had pointed it out for me.) Now we can understand how she found out about his hobby. What remains a mystery, though, is the censored name the shopkeeper used for those "anal amateur" bottles. I'd be glad to get any information on this.
 I know only two of Hakaba's works that include cross-dressing; the other one is available for download on my blog. I hope we can find some more in one of his doujinshis or among his new publications in Mujin magazine. If someone knows where I can get those, please contact me.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Did Saakashvili get a shoe salute?

A Georgian newspaper claims that Mikhail Saakashvili took a shoe to the head during his recent visit to the Abkhazian border. The Georgian Government denies such an incident ever happened.

According to Alia newspaper, the alleged encounter between the president’s forehead and the footwear took place on Sunday, when Saakashvili was visiting the coastal village of Ganmukhuri near the border with Abkhazia. When he was giving an interview and crouching on the floor at a local disco club, a man took off his shoe and hurled it at the Georgian leader, and then ran away with presidential bodyguards and policemen in his wake.

The unknown assailant was more successful than Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, who made throwing shoes a world-wide fad by launching his own at US President George W. Bush in political protest.

According to news website the situation in the village was tense even before the incident. “There was so much swearing that if they arrested everyone calling Saakashvili names the village would be deserted,” it says.

As for the fate of the Georgian shoe-thrower, he was allegedly captured by police, given several punches and taken away in a car. Locals commented that they have never seen the man before and believed that he was drunk.

Unlike the Baghdad shoe incident, the one in Ganmukhuri was never aired by TV channels for whatever reason. Instead, Georgians could see the president describing a bright future of the village as a seaside resort with locals cheering him.

The Alia report was denied by the Georgian government, but it didn’t stop the country’s opposition from making fun of the president. Comments ranged from offers to buy “that boot” to allegations that the incident was staged by Saakashvili himself in an act of mimicking the former American president.

Mikhail Saakashvili has a record of several on-screen gaffes, including a tie-chewing episode on the BBC and running from “Russian bombers” during the August 2008 armed conflict.