Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Breast play (Chichikuri)

Chapter 10 of Boku no kareshi. No plot this time, just two boys playing with each other.

Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

Size: 4 mb



Monday, 19 October 2009

Friday, 16 October 2009

Together with Oni-chan (Oni-chan to issho)

 I translated a chapter about brotherly love by udk from Ero Shota 10 - Nure X Otokonoko.
 Thanks to Sonikku for his work.

Size: 13 mb



CPLO Central Committee appeal to EU Workers!

 Dear foreign workers, our comrades!

 EU countries' governments are banning incandescent light bulbs. Perhaps you do not understand that this measure is aimed against Russian labourers - your class brothers.

 In Russia incandescent light bulbs are called Ilyich's bulbs, another name of Lenin, as Lenin gave bulbs to peasants and workers of Russia.

 Under pressure from EU ambitious Russian president is preparing a ban on incandescent light bulbs. Capitalists both in your countries and in Russia want us to forget Lenin's bulbs, they want us pay our last savings for expensive new-generation fluorescent bulbs made out of poisonous mercury and die from them, our children becoming mutants and zombies.

 We, Russian communists, address a plea to EU workers to foil our governments' vile plan! Luckily, no fluorescent bulbs are produced in Russia. Russian bourgeois president is waiting for shipments of poisonous mercury bulbs from Europe in order to smash and ban Lenin's bulbs once and for all, to hide them from the people. That's why we appeal to you, EU workers, calling for international solidarity.

 You must wreck those power-saving evil bulbs. Destroy assembly lines producing mercury fluorescent killer-bulbs. Cripple electronic equipment, machines and conveyors, soulless robots, producing those lamps.

 Do the same thing as heroic English pensioner Valerie Hemsley-Flint who has set up a warehouse of 1000 incandescent (Lenin's) bulbs at her own home. We, Russian communists, nominate English pensioner Valerie Hemsley-Flint as a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize for saving humanity from poisonous capitalist EU-Kremlin bulbs and preserving the memory of Lenin's bulbs.


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Holic+Holic 2

After a couple of short-lived periods of hectic activity Maria Holic doujinshi, Holic + Holic 2,
by udk is ready.

Thanks Sonikku for his work.

Size: 25 mb



On finding misprints

10th summary of most important withdrawals, seizures and confiscations by Glavlit [Main Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs] authorities, 1936

In an issue 78 of Socïaldı Jol newspaper instead of "to prolong Turko-Soviet Non-Agression and Peace Conservation Treaty for 10 more years" it is printed: "to prolong Turko-Soviet Continence and Agression Treaty for 10 more years".
This passage was corrected by censor.


In Pravda Polei newspaper (Yershinskiy region, Zapadnaya area) in a conversation between Howard and comrade Stalin it was printed "com. Hitler" instead of "Mr. Hitler".
Corrected by censor.

In Ordzhonikidzenskiy Rabochiy newspaper (Ordzhonikidzegradskiy region, Zapadnaya area) it was printed: "Long live your great Stalin". Corrected: "our great Stalin".

In Kolhoznik Zaporoj'ya newspaper the word 'Politburo' was subversively distorted into 'Policeburo' by the secretary of editorial board.
Corrected by censor. Editorial board secretary ousted from office; his case submitted to NKVD [People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs].


In Za Kolhoz newspaper (Osminskiy region, Leningradskaya area) on 28.08.36 after "Great Nation's Verdict" editorial, which ends with "an unbridled gang, led by fascist underling and a Judas called Trotsky, killed Kirov, and it was preparing a blow against the leader of our party and government, they wanted to assassinate com. Stalin, a leader who is dear to labourers all over the world" an article titled "To a Dog - a Dog's Death" was placed.
Retypeset on censor's demand.


Issue 33 of Ogonyok magazine covering Spain was arrested. The magazine demonstrates a raid of state aeroplanes bearing Soviet brand and Red Army star.

In Kommuna newspaper (Dedovicheskiy region, Leningradskaya area) on 31.10.36 regional censor removed a cliche showing 9th January workers gunned down while the caption over the cliche said "Towards 8th All-Union Congress of Soviets". Another cliche used.

In issue 50 of Leningradskiy Udarnik factory newspaper (Leningrad) an article "To Help Children and Women of Heroic Spain" contained the following line: "hands off invaders".
Case investigated by Lenobllit [Leningrad Area Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs].

In issue 33 of Polyarnaya Pravda newspaper (Murmansk, Leningradskaya area) on 09.11.36 com. Stalin was attributed with following words: "I'm 60, but I still want to live and live".
Sentence deleted by censor.


In issue 95 of Put' Lenina newspaper (Poltavskiy region, Primorskaya area, Dal'ne-Vostochniy territory) instead of "first Marshal of Soviet Union com. Voroshilov" it was printed: "first enemy of Soviet Union com. Voroshilov". Newspaper confiscated.
Case submitted to RC VKP(b) [All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks)] and to RO NKVD.

In issues 6&7 of Kazakh language newspaper Raionnaya Pechat' (Kazakh SSR [Soviet Socialist Republic]), which is a body of VKP(b) Kraikom [Territory Commitee] department of press, instead of "Bolshevist press is party's sharp weapon" it was printed: "Bolshevist press is party's lying weapon". Censor demanded correction. Summary does not disclose what measures were taken against the guilty. Kazglavlit [Kazakhstan Administration for Literary and Publishing Affairs] instructed.


In issue 148 of Stalinskim Shlyahom newspaper (Ostropol'skiyu region, Vinnitskaya area, UkSSR [Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic] com. Stalin's report during Extraordinary 8th Congress of Soviets started with the following sentence: "USSR constitution is a hollow promise, a delusion, a Potyomkin's settlement". This counter-revolutionary insult of class enemy was eliminated. Investigation under way.

In issue 6 of Lenin'ska Dniproges (Dnepropetrovsk, UkSSR) magazine there is an engineering drawing pasted between pages 44-45 where a fascist swastika is used as a conventional sign for anemometer for 5 times. Page was torn out and reprinted in corrected form. Censor was disciplined.

In issue 34 of Vereteno newspaper (Yur'yevskay flax fibre plant publication, Ivanovskaya area) on 05.11.36 in an article called "In XIX years" it was printed: "BOURGEOIS (instead of BOOMING) growth of industry during past 19 years..." Newspaper reprinted.

In issue 86 of Za Udarniy Reis newspaper (Moscow) it was printed: "...struggle we lead under Lenin-Stalin's leadership: (instead of "under Lenin-Stalin's party leadership"). Newspaper reprinted.

In Oktyabr'skaya Zvyozdochka radio broadcast on 14.12.36 there was such a phrase: "my greatest wish was to visit the [Lenin's] Mausoleum and to see you, com. Stalin". Re-editing proposed.