Sunday, 30 August 2009

A Captive (Torawareno...)

Chapter 4 of Boku no Kareshi has been finished now, thanks to Sonikku. It tells us of a boy who finally meets a "girl" he has only seen through the window before.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Comet Lulin granted communists with supermighty power


At night our planet was approached by Comet Lulin. It was not an accident. Exactly at the height of capitalist system's world financial crisis progressive forces of the Universe might be signalling humanity: "Down with exploiters, time to overthrow appointees of Behind-the-Scenes Masters everywhere, it's necessary to hoist Red Labour Banner over the globe".

According to CP analysts, Lulin's two tails symbolise two progressive ideologies, Marxism and Leninism merged into one in October 1917.

Of course, bourgeois astronomers will make an attempt to trivially interpret comet's grand approach as a momentary sensation. But Left forces will not allow them to vulgarise the arrival of great Lulin, predicted by Stalin, Ho Chi Minh and by the leader of mysterious Nepalese communists Man Mohan Adhikari.

Invisible, yet deadly the rays of Lulin, breaking through NATO bases barrage fields and vile American spy satellites, will strike oppressors of Iraq, murderers of Miloshevich, Estonian Neo-fascists and enemies of Bolivian people.
Severe radiation of steep hipped messenger of red space will reduce to ashes millions of bucks Deripaska and Prokhorov hid in armoured strongboxes and bring Pentagon officials' psyche on the brink of madness. And on the contrary, omnipotent, flaming Lulin will surround Ilyich's Mausoleum, targeted by ursine White Guardists, with eternal protection.
Peterburg communists authoritatively announce that last night Lulin, acting as a grandiose bundle of will from proletarians across the Universe, passed on to us as well as to all other Earth communists over the distance a hitherto unseen impulse of resolve in struggle, of faith in socialism's victory, of ruthlessness to oppressors, imperialists, monarchs and to lacklustre basmachi.
Armed with Lulin's great power we vow to put Lenin's ideas into worldly life.


Friday, 14 August 2009

Son becoming a wife (Musukozuma)

A product our (RLS's and my) hard toil finally available. 4 page father-son incest manga from Shounen Shikou Josou Fantasy by Poju.

Devious provocation of Estonian Secret Service

A member of CP Supervisory Commission, St.-Petersburg 1st Class Counsellor of State Alexander Saharov, voicing the party position, commented on the allegedly natural transition of a Russian island to Estonia caused by a flood:
It would be naive to assume that an island this big (4 hectares) with its valuable species of wood separated all by itself from Russian territory (Narvskoe Reservoir area), crossed state border and moved to a country allied with aggressive NATO bloc. Unlike some media, we are not so naive as to justify a full-scale seizure of Russian territory by natural disasters.

We are persuaded that the island's drift to Estonia is a result of a devious, insolent provocation of Estonian and Western secret services. This is elementary. By night a group of divers stealthily crawled under the island and installed equipment for its artificial migration or destroyed natural link between layer of soil and the bottom of the reservoir. They cut the binding cords with special diamond scissors.

NATO forces have long dreamt of having such a comfortable, such a strategically priceless bridgehead near Russian territory. We can only guess how many thousand dollars did Estonian spy agency spend on this move.

If Russia does not take adequate measures, soon just like that, cogs and bricks, spy-divers will drive more and more Russian islands abroad. Our authorities' nonchalance is striking! A character from Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession comes to mind: "Kemska region, take it, take it..." What an outrage!

In our opinion, it is necessary to strictly warn Estonia that such actions are intolerable and to enquire about all the details from NATO divers using glorious Russia underwater fleet. Russia must demand from Estonia that she admits a special committee to the stolen island, so that our specialists establish what mechanisms were used for this diversion and examine the island's territory for secret NATO military objects. We call for decisive and severe action.

Not an inch of Russian soil to NATO bloc.